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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Two Books on Peter Harrison

John Millar, a member of ARRT-Richmond, has been working since 1962 on the life of Peter Harrison (1716-1775), who died a few days after Lexington & Concord, essentially from the shock of it. He was arguably the greatest architect ever to have worked in America. John's work is now published in two books. The more expensive one is published by McFarland & Company, and is mostly text with only a few illustrations (The Buildings of Peter Harrison: Cataloguing the Work of the First Global Architect, 1716-1775, McFarland & Co., 2014). The less expensive one is mostly illustrations with only basic text, and is available from Thirteen Colonies Press (Peter Harrison, 1716-1775, Drawings). Either or both can be ordered from your favorite bookseller or Amazon. 

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