Image courtesy of Colonial National Historical Park, Yorktown.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Early American Music

If you are interested in Early American Music and live in/near Boston, Washington, DC, Pittsburgh, Annapolis, Yorktown (VA), Baltimore, Erie (PA), or Mount Vernon (VA), please consider yourself invited to attend a concert, workshop, or teacher institute (some are yet open) between now and September.
Here's the schedule:

Status Update: Conservation of American Revolution Documents at the Library of Virginia

According to Amy Bridge at the Library of Virginia, our 2014 adopted American Revolution documents have been conserved and are ready for digitizingThis project will also be featured in an upcoming issue of "Broadside," either the summer or fall. 

"Journal of the American Revolution, Annual Volume, 2015"

Todd Andrlik’s book, Journal of the American Revolution Annual Volume 2015, is now available and 

The book is offered by Westholme Publishing.   Bruce Franklin has become the premier publisher of American Revolution books and deserves your patronage.  

"The Battle of Hubberdton," Bruce Venter

At the last meeting, Bruce Venter’s new book was mentioned: The Battle of Hubberdton.  It comes highly recommended.  It’s here

New Video from Mount Vernon: "The Winter Patriots"

Two Articles from the Virginia History List About Yorktown

Here are articles from the Virginia History list about Yorktown.
An interesting dispute about history at Yorktown involving tobacco, slavery, and commemoration: 

Here’s a study that suggests that at least once a tobacco press was located not too far away at a waterfront location: 

"Jefferson's Flight from Monticello," June 20, 2015

June 20th, Saturday, Bus Tour - "Jefferson's Flight from Monticello"
On June 20, a bus tour sponsored by the Nelson County Historical Society will retrace Jefferson's flight from Monticello. History and Thomas Jefferson’s character can be brought alive by following his known travel routes. Nowhere is his character better appreciated or understood than during this historic flight from Monticello which began on the 4th of June 1781 as Tarleton’s troops entered Charlottesville intent on capturing the Virginia Governor and author of the Declaration of Independence.
Join Nelson County Historical Society members Dick Whitehead and Doug Coleman as they retrace Jefferson’s historic flight from Monticello through the now-neglected back roads of Albemarle, Nelson and Amherst Counties, ending at Geddes, the home of Hugh Rose where Jefferson and his family took refuge for several nights en route to Poplar Forest.  Points of interest: several historic ordinary sites; Fairmount Baptist Church - lunch break;  Cabellsville - site of the Colonial Era Amherst County Courthouse. - archaeologist on site to relate recent findings.
To make reservations and purchase tickets email or call 434-263-8400.   Tour cost - $30 per person and Society members $20 per person - bring your own lunch.  Parking at The Nelson Memorial Library, Lovingston, VA  9:00 AM - 4:00 PM. 

More information at

Francis Marion/Swamp Fox Symposium: October 23-24, 2015

Here’s  preliminary information from Carole and George Summers about the annual Francis Marion / Swamp Fox Symposium.

Near the anniversary of the success at Fort Watson 234 years ago, save the date & plan to come to the 13th Francis Marion/Swamp Fox Symposium, October 23-24, 2015, in Manning, SC.
   Topics to be included:
   Comparing & Contrasting Francis Marion and David Fanning
   The Spartan District
   Dorothy Sinkler Richardson Reflecting on General Richard Richardson
   Kings Mountain - The Rest of the Story
   Come to the Cow Pens!
   Analysis of the Bridges Campaign, starting at Wyboo through Correspondences
   The Aged Francis Marion Recalling his Best Memories
  Site: FE DuBose Campus, Central Carolina Technical College, I-95, Exit 122, Manning, SC
You're invited to register & participate  For October 23-24, 2015

"A Flock of Herons"

Harry Ward was recently featured in "The Richmond Times Dispatch" about his “flock of herons.”

Two Books on Peter Harrison

John Millar, a member of ARRT-Richmond, has been working since 1962 on the life of Peter Harrison (1716-1775), who died a few days after Lexington & Concord, essentially from the shock of it. He was arguably the greatest architect ever to have worked in America. John's work is now published in two books. The more expensive one is published by McFarland & Company, and is mostly text with only a few illustrations (The Buildings of Peter Harrison: Cataloguing the Work of the First Global Architect, 1716-1775, McFarland & Co., 2014). The less expensive one is mostly illustrations with only basic text, and is available from Thirteen Colonies Press (Peter Harrison, 1716-1775, Drawings). Either or both can be ordered from your favorite bookseller or Amazon.