Image courtesy of Colonial National Historical Park, Yorktown.

Thursday, December 31, 2020

"Revolutionary Richmond" Brochure Now Available

For the past three years, Bill Welsch, Bert Dunkerly, and Woody Childs have been hard at work developing a brochure on "Revolutionary Richmond." The format is modeled after the out-of-print (we think) brochure published by the City of Petersburg in 2008, "Revolutionary Petersburg: A Driving Tour." Bill's son-in-law, Matt Rowan, did a fantastic job on the design. The map was done by Edward Alexander, a VIP at the NPS.

While we are investigating printing costs, we are not sure if the brochure will ever be printed for mass distribution. However, the link below will enable you to print one for yourself and for your friends and family. You can also access the link on your cell phone or tablet so you can carry it with you while you're investigating all things Revolutionary that Richmond has to offer!

Monday, December 21, 2020

Henrico County History e-Newsletter

Henrico county has worked hard to develop an e-newsletter to be released three times per year. It's filled with updates on historic sites, information about programs and staff, as well as a couple of in-depth, well-researched articles about Henrico history.  Stay tuned because the second issue will debut very soon...December. To find previous issues archived online or to sign up, please visit

Next Meeting: January 20, 2021

Ed Lengel will be our speaker.  Ed will speak on "New Thoughts on Valley Forge."

Our January 20 meeting will again be a Zoom session, rather than an in-person gathering.  Thanks to Peggy Watson, we will be utilizing the University of Richmond's Osher network.

Sign-on information will be included in the January newsletter, the weekend before the meeting.  Stay tuned.

To participate in a Zoom session, your computer will need a camera function, standard for most lap tops and tablets.  But I would suggest reviewing the camera function before that time.  We recommend that you join in 5 - 10 minutes before the start, to be sure that your equipment is working.  All attendees will be put in a waiting room, then admitted one by one. You will be muted on admittance, but will be able to unmute as soon as you’re in.  Peggy Watson will explain the meeting protocol.
We do realize that all members might not be able to view the program, but also feel that this approach is better than entirely missing another meeting.  As with November, we won't worry about the other parts of the meeting.