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Saturday, May 9, 2020

ZOOM on May 20th!

This is just a quick update to remind everyone that we will meet via ZOOM for our meeting on May 20. Peggy Watson (thanks, Peggy!) has organized the meeting and will be running it. Mark Lender will be speaking on the Conway Cabal. We will only have the presentation by Mark--no raffle, business portion, etc.

Based on what Peggy knows and predicts, we won't be able to meet on campus in July, either. Peggy is ready to support a July Zoom session, also, assuming that May goes well. We'll deal with that later.

On the preservation partner, I would propose that we suspend the nomination and voting for 2020.  I think that it would just be too confusing and difficult to arrange and allow people to learn about any nominees, etc.  Plus, with a likely smaller 2020 membership, our gift would probably be smaller.

Background for the May meeting:

  • The link to the ZOOM conference will be included in Bill's May mailing, probably around May 15.
  • The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. It would be good for attendees to log-in up to 20 minutes before to ensure that their equipment is working.
  • Attendees will be placed in a waiting room then admitted one by one.
  • All will be muted on admittance but will be able to unmute as soon as they're in.
  • Everyone will be muted when the lecture begins, but people can be unmuted to ask questions.
  • When the lecture is finished and questions have been answered, the meeting will end.
Here is a link to a PDF Factsheet for the use of ZOOM:

See everyone on May 20!

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