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Friday, February 28, 2014

Our Header Graphic: "The Stage is Set"

Many of you have asked about the individuals portrayed in the graphic at the top of our site. David Riggs, the Yorktown curator at Colonial National Historical Park, has provided the following information and key to the painting:
The Stage Is Set
Heiser & Jaques
The Stage Is Set was painted in 1981 by Sandra Heiser and Douglas Jaques, two artists in Austin, Texas. It was commissioned by the National Park Service for the Yorktown Bicentennial. The painting was displayed adjacent to George Washington’s tents in an exhibit at the Yorktown Visitor Center, 1981-1997. It was removed from exhibit when the Washington tents exhibit was reconfigured. The painting depicts the scene at Washington’s headquarters at the conclusion of the meeting in which it was decided to attack Redoubts 9 and 10 at Yorktown on October 14, 1781.
Key: (left to right)
Lt. Col. Jonathan Trumbull, Jr., Secretary
Lt. Col. Tench Tilghman, Aide-de-Camp
Commander-in-Chief Guard
Aide (American)
Maj. Gen. Benjamin Lincoln
Maj. Gen. Marquis de Lafayette
Commander-in-Chief Guard
Gen. George Washington
Lt. Gen. Comte de Rochambeau
Maj. Gen. Comte de Viomenil
Brig. Gen. Henry Knox
Aide (French)
Brig. Gen. Duportail
Maj. Gen. Baron von Steuben
Many thanks, David!

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