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Sunday, October 20, 2013

New Book by Todd Andrlik

Most of you reading this are familiar with Todd Andrlik, whose wonderful book Reporting the Revolutionary War was published last fall. 

Todd's articles also appeared in David Reuwer's "American Revolution Magazine." He's the editor of the online "Journal of the American Revolution." Many of you know about this and some of us have had articles posted.  Highly recommended.

Todd's latest project is another book, featuring some of his new research, entitled Journal of the American Revolution  Publication date is scheduled for November 2013.

Spanning 250 full-color pages, each article is accompanied by high definition images, including some that are appearing in print for the first time ever. The book's content debunks many common myths. The origins of "no taxation without representation," the true start of the Revolution, the real first Declaration of Independence, and the truth about British soldiers are all covered. The famous 1776 recruiting poster that pops up at every Revolutionary War reenactment event and in numerous textbooks will be identified as not-so-1776 for the first time ever.

Plus, there are dozens of groundbreaking story lines that are traced and lingering questions that finally get addressed, such as:
  • Were the Founding Fathers young enough to be called Founding Teenagers or Twenty-somethings?
  • What role did dogs play in the war?
  • How did news about America's independence go viral in 1776?
  • How did Washington's army actually cross the Delaware River?
  • At what moment did Washington become a politician as well as a general?
  • What was it really like to walk the colonial streets of Boston, Philadelphia, or New York?
  • What was the treatment for a scalped head or an arrow wound?
  • Was the most hated Loyalist in America really a Patriot spy?
The book will delight casual readers, novice historians and expert scholars equally.

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