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Friday, December 28, 2012

Proposed Dues Increase

As required by Article X of our bylaws, any amendments must be announced at a meeting and acted upon at the next meeting. Additionally, the membership must be notified via email of the impending changes and they are being posted on our web site. At the November meeting, the board proposed a dues increase to $20 per year, from the current $15, with $5 being designated for our approved preservation cause. This would replace the “passing of the hat.” Additionally, new members joining as of September in any year will pay $15 dues, with $5 going to the preservation fund. This is an increase from $9 and applies only to new members and not to current members who have not paid their yearly tariff. 

The board recommended, and the membership generally seemed to support, Battersea as the recipient of our current funds and those raised in 2013. But no action will be taken on this until after the motion is decided in January. 

We will discuss and vote on both of these amendments at the January meeting.

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