Image courtesy of Colonial National Historical Park, Yorktown.

Friday, December 28, 2012

ARRT-Richmond Stalwarts Tour Trenton, NJ

Several members and friends of the ARRT-Richmond gathered in Trenton, NJ on December 8-9, 2012. Braving the damp weather, we toured The Old Barracks in Trenton and then headed to Washington's Crossing to tour the visitors' center and see the Swan Collection.

On Sunday, Bill Welsch treated us to an overview of the two battles of Trenton, taking us to several of the landmarks in town. After that, it was off once again, in an increasingly chilly rain, to Washington's Crossing to view the rehearsal for the reenactment of Washington Crossing the Delaware.

In the end, it was fortuitous that we got to see the rehearsal as the actual crossing reenactment was scrubbed due to high water. Here are links to two articles, one from the Wall Street Journal and one from Lehigh Valley Live.

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