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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

11th Francis Marion Symposium, October 18-19, 2013

You're invited to register & participate in the October 18-19, 2013 Francis Marion Symposium:

Francis Marion and the Southern Campaign 

(Here's your registration form, print 1st page of this or copy & paste, or print form linked at )  Print, Fill in & send in to register in next 30 days for the discounts.

Registration Form: 11th Francis Marion Symposium, October 18-19, 2013

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Price $95.00 ($175 / couple) (Early bird $90/165 by Sept17)

Mail to:
c/o C. Hester
11th Francis MarionSymposium
PO Box667
Manning, SC29102 Info: 803-478-2645;


Francis Marion and the Southern Campaign

Immerse yourself in Francis Marion's world and the significance of the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution. Gen. Francis Marion played a major role in the American Revolution.      

Proposed agenda:   

Ricky Roberts:  Marion’s Bridges Campaign with McCottry Riflemen
Steve Smith:  Marion along the PeeDee River
Christine Swager: Winning in the Back-country of  Southern Campaign   
Dusty Owens:  The Role of Marion’s Subordinate Commanders in Marion’s early success 
Dave Neilan:
 Marion & The Trials and Tribulations of Peter Horry
Will Graves: "Rest of the story" -the corrected version on James Williams

Karen MacNutt: Marion in Georgetown
Jack Bachanan: “ I have not the Honor of your Acquaintance but am no Stranger to your Character and merit.”
Charles Baxley & Panel:   Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War
Dinner Theater: Intro: Christine Swager  and Joe Stukes as Marquis d’ Lafayette

We'll share a special display of Marion owned or related items.

If you know of someone who has either an item that belonged to Marion or an item used in SC during the Rev war, please send a picture and history of it; a selection of such items will be displayed.  The site of Symposium is the DuBose Campus, CCT College, Manning, SC.

More details:, 803-478-2645 or   

Francis Marion Advocates: Pushing back the frontier of ignorance.
Swamp Fox Murals Trail Society: New “Clarendon County Tour” history tour App
PO Box 667, Manning, SC 29102
803-478-2645, cells: 803-460-9626,  803-460-7416  Plan now for: Oct 18-19, 2013 : Living History Encampment: Feb 21-22, 2014   Huzzah, Huzzah, Huzzah! - Events & Sales

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